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Health, Safety & Compliance

Red Dragon Group recognises how important it is for employers to adhere to Health & Safety legislation, and in turn how human resources and office management is impacted by the volume and complexity of the necessary assessments imposed upon employers by this and similar types of legislation.

The legislation increasingly sets the task of assessing the risk, exposure and preventative measures in the hands of the employer. This places a significant load on human resources and office management, simply as a result of the number and complexity of assessments that have to be carried out and updated as required.

Red Dragon Group is fully conversant with regulations and offer management of the day-to-day operation of health and safety in the work place on behalf of our clients, as well as providing technical information and advice.

While every employer is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of its staff, Red Dragon Group can assist our clients in writing policies and procedures, carrying out risk assessments and monitoring the health and safety of the workplace and equipment on your behalf.

Red Dragon Group will help to provide or manage the required assessments you need and will also ensure that you are delivering a safe standard of working.

For 350 days 19 hours 23 minutes 24 seconds, We have Zero lost time injures on all our sites.

Definition – What Does Lost Time Injury (LTI) mean?

A lost time injury (LTI) is an injury sustained by an employee that will ultimately lead to the loss of productive work time in the form of worker delays or absenteeism. An injury is considered a lost time injury only when the worker is unable to perform the regular duties of the job, takes time off for recovery, or is assigned modified work duties for the recovery period.

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