How To Find 100% Honest Cleaning Companies


Due diligence is the sensible care taken before committing to any agreement so you may avoid product and service fraud, cost misrepresentations and even personal harm. It involves the smart investigation and validation of material facts before signing a contract and making any payments. Carefully consider the following:


The advent of online businesses freed many companies from the confines of brick-and-mortar structures and showrooms. This is why you should verify if your cleaning company does exist –virtually, physically and legally– and if it is still operating.

Look for a genuine business address, contact numbers and official website. Check with the companies House to determine if it has been registered and if the company information are still current.


An honest cleaning company will never compromise the safety and comfort of its customers and the environment. Based on extensive research, it will only use product components that are effective yet non-toxic, chemical-free and never animal-tested.

A cleaning company that goes above and beyond standard expectations shows not just honesty but a strong commitment to service excellence. Instead of settling for the basic dusting, sweeping and decluttering routine, it should provide extraordinary experiences designed to sooth and comfort, secure and inspire, balance and strengthen.


An honest cleaning company is managed and manned by people who share the same values and goals. They should be extensively trained and certified. They know their products and services inside out, from the different types of cleaning services, their coverage and limitations, schedules and duration, liabilities and guarantees, actual costs and payment options.

Speak with a service staff or manager and fire away with relevant questions about the company’s services and ethical protocols. Straightforward and confident answers that are delivered pleasantly and politely indicate high degrees of competence and professionalism.


Unbeknownst to many, an official website is a good yardstick to separate the fly-by-nights from the seriously legitimate and competent ones. Read the company’s website contents for indicators of professionalism. Statements with just fluff but no real substance, poor grammar, wrong spelling, all-stock photos, unsupported claims and outrageous promises that hint of questionable ethical and legal practices are all reflections of a company’s credibility and overall integrity.


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Red Dragon Group Commercial Cleaning Cardiff is also licensed, bonded and fully insured to offer customers an extra feeling of safety and overall security.

Apart from its excellent cleaning services, Red Dragon Group has an impeccable reputation anchored on the quality of its workforce. All Red Dragon Group employees has undergone interview process, rigorous background checks, skills strengthening training and COSHH training to make sure that only hardworking, polite and trustworthy people represent the company’s good name.