Reception & Porter Services

A well-trained concierge is one of the most valuable assets in any building. They can help visitors with everything from directions to transport links, making their visit to your property more enjoyable and memorable.

Here at Red Dragon Group, we have a professional team ready to take on your concierge services. Our team can be easily deployed to any property, or you can take out a contract with us and our team will be at the front of your business all year round. Our staff are friendly, helpful, professional and specialise in public-facing roles. We provide concierge services for all types of buildings and businesses – our staff can greet visitors, induct them into the building and provide them with a deluxe experience.

Our Concierge Services

Whether you own a business, building, land or even a shopping centre, our team are complete experts in handling the public and will give every single one of your visitors an experience tailored to them. From the moment they arrive on site, right to the moment they leave your building, each visitor will feel special and receive the treatment which exceeds their expectations.

Whether giving directions or advising on the best way to meet their travel plans, our team will be there to cater to your visitors every need. You won’t have to worry about how your company is being perceived either – every one of our team members are trained to the highest standard possible and here at Red Dragon Group.

Red Dragon Group